Monday, June 28, 2010

Great news, latest news:

We are working with a sponsorship guru, Deborah Jones to fulfill the prestigious invitations to Miami International Art and Art Palm Beach as well as the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Sponsorship Central is one of North America’s fastest-growing sponsorship consulting groups, with decades of experience linking over 100 events and thousands of sponsors in Canada and the United States.

Led by Deborah Jones Sponsorship Central is backed by an enthusiastic team of assistants, marketing professionals and researchers.

Best is, she’s really easy to work with!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR and ART PALM BEACH have invited Gordon Halloran to create a feature installation at the January 2011 event. MIA is skedded for the 12th to 17th, ART PALM BEACH takes place the following week: 20th - 24th.

This past January 2010, MIA attracted over 17,000 visitors and collectors from around the world, in a city that has become an established international destination for the business of art. 24 - 30,000 people attended ART PALM BEACH in 2010. The fair brings together galleries, affluent international art collectors & cutting edge art projects, tours, lectures and symposia.

Halloran will create a gallery using new ICE BOX, a lightweight, modular structure designed to be a touring art gallery.

Work inside will demonstrate the variety of techniques the artist has learned from his past five public art installations.

MIA is one of IFAE's (International Fine Art Exposition) seven major art fairs, which take place in Miami, Palm Beach, Naples and London. Founded by David and Lee Ann Lester, IFAE is the largest, most experienced US fair organizer.

The artist must fundraise to cover costs of exhibiting.

MIA | Jan 12-17, 2011
Art Palm Beach | Jan 20-24, 2011
American International Fine Art Fair | Feb 5-13, 2011
Naples International Art & Antique Fair | Feb 24-Mar 1, 2011
Art Naples | March 10-14, 2011
London International Fine Art Fair at Olympia | June 4-13, 2010
SeaFair | The Megayacht Venue