Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fire & Ice

Art Sutherland, our refrigeration guru on all past PBZ projects, has made the news with energy efficient design which could be groundbreaking. The Globe & Mail opened with:

B.C.-based company recovers heat from the ice-making process and warms rinks worldwide

The president of Victoria, B.C.-based Accent Refrigeration Systems Ltd. and his partner Greg Hillman have developed a trademarked Perfect Ice system that recovers waste heat from arena ice plants and puts it to good use. That includes not only heating dressing rooms and hot water in an arena, but heating and air conditioning buildings up to a kilometre away.

This is the url, you have to see this:

Amazing accomplishment, here's another excerpt:

In Japan, for a curling club near Mount Fuji, Accent designed a system six storeys high that in the winter freezes 2.25 million kilograms of water, which then cools the building and ice system the rest of the year.

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