Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer painting

Gord's making paintings in his studio like a real artist, for display at Miami International Art Fair; every morning I paint another chair. Then, when its too hot in the garden, I open the door and Spaffy slips past my feet. .

Crystal skies, baking sun, cool shade. At this time of year, it's paradise. Sometimes all I can do is stare.

At Roberts Creek Pier, Dean gave me a lecture on Friday: if we didn't arrive at 12 noon on the dot, Rob was going to give away our reserved painting space on the Mandala.

Erica Snowlake has been a co-creator of the Mandala at Roberts Creek Pier for many years with Rob and other volunteers. That's Ben Low. He shot our film (, ten years ago.

And now, here's Gord making clouds out of the whale's tail. Sunday, Day Out of Time had dancers on the Mandala, mothers nursing their babies; toddlers swaying to the drumbeat. We walked the glittering beach.

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